Structural Glazing



GLASS : SAINT - GOBAIN make or other approved make of 5 mm Thickness
Type : REFLECTASOL / ANTELIO / COOL-LITE as per customer's choice
Shade : Blue / Green / Brown / Bronze as per your choice

Reflective glass from SAINT GOBAIN is specially made by a process known as on-line pyrolitic coating, also known as hard coating which involves fusing precious metallic oxides on the surface of the float glass at high temperatures while glass is under formation. This coating gives mirror like appearance which is aesthetically pleasing and provides superior functional benefits like solar control and glare reduction. It gives Thermal confort and visual comfort.

Aluminium :
The frame work is made of rectangular aluminium tube of size 64mm x 58mm and electro coloured to 15 microns. The Aluminium extrusion is manufactured as per IS 63400.
Glazing Sealant :
Dow CORNING 995 Silicone Structural glazing sealant is used for fixing the glass with aluminium frame. This Sealant is Odorless, non corrosive and highly resisting to ultra violet radiation, heat and humidity.
Weather Proofing Sealant :
Dowcorning 789 silicone weather proofing sealant with very good weatherability and excellent recovery from extension and compression.
Hardwares :
High quality expansion bolts with good load bearing capacity is used to fix the Aluminium frame work to the wall.


General Construction

Aluminium Composite panel clading is done, using 2" x 1" plain rectangular tube, ACP Sheet, 3M Adhesive tape, weathering sealant and quality hardwares.

Frame work is made, matching to the elevation and regidly fixed to the building by means of expansion bolts. The ACP sheet is fixed to the frame with 3M tape. All the joints of the ACP sheet is finished with weather proofing DOWCORNING 789 sealant.

Aluminium frame work is made of 2" x 1" rectangular tube manufactured as per IS 63400. Make : JINDAL or equivalent.

Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium Composite panel is composed of non combustible polyethylene core laminated and sandwitched between two fine aluminium sheets. The external aluminium surface is coated with superior quality PVDF resin to ensure durability, stability, corrosion and weather resistance. The inside aluminium surface is polyester coated ensuring smooth surface. Make : ALSTRONG or any approved make.

Thickness : ACP Sheets are available in 3mm and 4mm thickness. Depending upon site condition and customer's choice thickness will be selected.

Colour: ACP Sheets are available in all colours to meet all colour combination requirement.

Salient features of ACP
  • Very light reducing the dead weight of the building and frame loading.
  • Resistant to extremes of weather exposure and temperature.
  • Excellent UV characteristics retaining colour after long exposure.
  • High impact restance
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Good sound insulation.

Weather Proofing

Weather proofing of the clading is done by means of DOWCORNING 789 sealant

Adhesive Tape

World renowned 3M tape is used for fixing the ACP to the aluminium frame.